What is the TD Summer Reading Club?

TD Summer Reading Club is Canada’s biggest, bilingual summer reading program for kids of all ages, all interests, and all abilities. Visit your local library to learn more!

I’m super honoured to be chosen as the official artist for the 2019 TD Summer Reading Club! I’ve spent most of the winter working with the super amazing team from TD SRC to build an awesome batch of fun material for this summer’s program. I’ll be attending the Indigenous & English launch parties in June, and then presenting six comic workshops around the Toronto and Ottawa regions in July/August.

Co-created and delivered by over 2,200 public libraries across Canada, this national bilingual program is developed by Toronto Public Library in partnership with Library and Archives Canada.

For more info about the TD Summer Reading Club and to pick up some of the super fun pieces I’ve illustrated for the program, visit your local library today!


Clayton’s Latest Book: Dog vs. Ultra Dog

Tim loves his pet dog, Tuffy, and Tuffy adores his boy. Tim also happens to be an überfan of the TV superhero Ultra Dog: he watches the shows, reads the books, plays the video games, wears the cape, and even sports Ultra Dog underwear. Despite cajoling from the neighboring cat, Tuffy has absolutely no fear that Ultra Dog is stealing his boy. Ultra Dog is too famous to want a regular boy... right?

Just in case, Tuffy tries extra hard to be super obedient and to outdo Ultra Dog with his love for Tim. But when Tuffy hears about Tim's upcoming trip to Ultra Land, the faithful pup is officially afraid of losing his boy. What's a dog to do? Fight back, of course! Tuffy enacts a plan to beat Ultra Dog once and for all, and the reward is unexpected–but awesome.

A Junior Library Guild Selection, 2019

(Troy) Wilson (author of Perfect Man) and (Clayton) Hanmer (making his picture-book debut) create a humorous comics-style story featuring bold illustrations and amusing pop-culture references…

Along with the laughs, the tale assures that Tuffy doesn’t need to be ultra-anything, just himself, in order to be loved.
— Publishers Weekly
Packed with comics-style storytelling, visual cues, and action, this is a great pick for reluctant readers, dog lovers, and superhero fans alike.
— goodreads.com

Written by
Troy Wilson

Illustrated by
Clayton ‘CTON’ Hanmer

Published by
Owlkids Books

Spring 2019


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Half-Truths and Brazen Lies: An Honest Look at Lying

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Illustrated by Clayton ‘CTON’ Hanmer

Owlkids Books Inc. (2016)

The Secret Life of Money:
A Kid's Guide to Cash

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Illustrated by Clayton ‘CTON’ Hanmer

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Owlkids Books (2010)

CTON's Super A-Maze-ing Year of Crazy Comics!

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Owlkids Books Inc. (2008)


The Lowdown on Denim

Written by Tanya Lloyd Kyi
Illustrated by Clayton ‘CTON’ Hanmer

Annick Press (2011)

Catch the Wind,
Harness the Sun

Written by Michael J. Caduto
Illustrated by Clayton ‘CTON’ Hanmer

Storey Publishing (2011)

Here’s Clayton’s latest COMIC



Blob colouring & doodle fun pack!

Colour Blob’s Wild Ride, Help Blob find some spare parts for his spaceship, and draw your own comics (4 pg PDF).

TD Summer reading club adventure colouring page!

Add your own palette to the TD Summer Reading Club gang’s crazy summer adventures!


Meet Clayton ‘CTON’ Hanmer

Some Q&A…

I live in… the beautiful, friendly Parkdale hood of Toronto.

The best part of my city/town is… is it's bikeability. My family and I use bikes as our main mode of transportation to get around the city. I bike all year (I have special winter tires with spikes) but enjoy riding during the warmer months on one of the many awesome bike trails around Toronto.

My favourite thing about libraries is… that they are full of books. Seems obvious, but books are seriously amazing things... filled with an infinite amount of life, knowledge and adventure!

Some of my favourite things to read as a kid were… mostly comic related... I really enjoyed humour comic magazines (Mad & Cracked Magazine), horror comics, comic anthologies (Calvin & Hobbs, Far Side, etc). I also read a lot Hardy Boys novels.

I am most creative when… I'm the shower. I seem to always come up with my best ideas in there (although its quite hard to write them down in there).

My favourite art supply is… a pencil. Very simple device but has the incredible ability to draw or write ANYTHING!

My all-time favourite artist is… Chris Ware. His work made me realize that I wanted to draw professionally.

You would never catch me… skydiving. I'm terrified of a faulty parachute release.

If I could have one super power, I would choose… flying. Then I don't have to worry about the last question.

If I could be any animal in the world, I would be… a farm dog. They always seem like the happiest beings around.

The thing I love most about the outdoors is… the fresh air. It's something we take for granted here in Canada.

These questions were originally prepared for the 2019 TD Summer Reading Club.







Toronto, Canada


Meet & Draw with Clayton!

This summer’s TD Summer Reading Club workshops are public events available to kids 6-12 yrs old.
Check back soon to see if Clayton will be visiting a library near you!

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